Rakyat.cc and Mastodon

Rakyat.cc is a Mastodon server or ‘instance’ that runs its own independant social network, but interconnects with all other Mastodon servers around the world. All users on rakyat.cc can see each other’s public posts via the ‘Local’ tab in the interface, which forms a local community specific to this server. However, users are free to browse and follow ANY user on the entire Mastodon fediverse (over 4 million and counting), all appearing seamlessly via the same interface. 

Joining and using rakyat.cc

The server is located at rakyat.cc , where you can sign-up a new account, and login to the web interface. For mobile use, we recommend Tusky for Android. Simply login with your @rakyat.cc account credentials using the app. For other OS and apps, see joinmastodon.org/apps

A note on security

While rakyat.cc/Mastodon provides privacy by allowing you to be anonymous and not recording your online behaviour, it is NOT A SECURE COMMUNICATIONS system. The platform is designed for social sharing. Anything you post may potentially be read by someone. For secure/encrypted communications, please use something designed specifically for that, such as SignalApp

Learn more

See the official Mastodon website at joinmastodon.org

A detailed user guide can be found here